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Patrick Coughran
Memorial Scholarship

Patrick Coughran was a respected and ardent supporter of youth in agriculture. Pat believed in working hard, being involved in the community, and helping young people develop a passion for agriculture. This scholarship was founded in honor of his memory and is supported by the Junior Livestock Auction committee through proceeds earned from the sale of a donated market animal at the Junior Livestock Auction.

Cow and Piglet

Please read the following scholarship criteria before submitting your application:

1) This scholarship applies only to applicants who have exhibited livestock or agriculture mechanics projects for TWO YEARS specifically at the Gold Country Fair.

2) Applicants must be enrolled in a local agricultural youth organization for at least 2 years (ie, Placer County 4-H, The National FFA Organization or National Grange).

3) Applicants must be a recent high school graduate within the year of application or 1 year prior to the year of application.

4) At the time of application submission, applicants must provide an official PRINTED educational transcript of current semester classes from the institution of which they are enrolled (from financial aid or other official transcription) that must accompany a hard copy of the complete application, no email copies or screenshots accepted!!

5) Applicants must submit 2 letters of recommendation (one from a leader and another from an adult that is not a related family member of applicant) which must accompany the hard copy of the complete applications, no emails accepted!!

6) If requested, applicants must be able to provide a hard copy of the records they keep on their livestock projects, either the relevant pages from the 4-H and/or FFA record book that covers expenses, income and a journal of the time and chores they complete. Printed copies from an electronic record keeping program are acceptable.

7) The scholarship may be awarded once to any recipient, but may be awarded to more than 1 person each year.

**To qualify for an interview, all scholarship applications and required paperwork must be emailed to the Gold Country Fair Heritage Foundation ( no later than closing time on July 3, 2023!!! To complete an application, please provide the required personal information and answer all questions completely on a separate, typed document. Please be as specific as possible.

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